Sunday, April 29, 2012

Wedding Dinner of Kean Low and Annie Tay @ Palace of The Golden Horses.

Wedding dinner of my nephew Kean Low and Annie Tay (both childhood sweethearts) @ The Royal Ballroom@ Palace of The Golden Horses, Seri Kembangan.

A truly grand occasion-early guests were served drinks by friendly waitresses and nimble on tit bits that were placed on tables around the lobby area.

As we were early, we watched from afar, invited guests streaming in (a mix of young and old) each and everyone were adorned in their fashionable and flashy colorful attires with glittering bling !

The ballroom was huge , high ceiling, spacious and grand.

Before the dinner, there were the usual small chat, photo sessions and greetings with relatives and friends. 

Family and relatives photo-taken by Chee Yi Low..

Happiness Hot & Cold Appetizer Combinations - a good starter to the main meal-not the run of the mill type - simple, small bite size pieces, tasty and easy to eat.
Braised Winter melon Soup with Crab meat and shark's fin-more shredded  winter melon than crab meat/shark's fin combined -it's good to know that hotels and restaurants are phasing out shark's fin from their menu- was a bit too starchy.
Roasted Sesame chicken with Cucumber Plum Sauce-well marinated-not too salty-it would have been tastier if it was a free- range chicken..
Deep fried Grouper fish in Ginger/Tomato sauce-over fried rendering the flesh to be too dry-the sauce was a good accompaniment-garnished with coriander leaves and julienne carrot.. 
Steamed Chinese long cabbage with dried Scallops - the cabbage was soft and melt in the mouth with every bite -good scallop filled broth to give the right flavor to the dish.
Fried rice with roasted Duck meat and Mushrooms-grainy rice - too little duck meat to complement the dish-luckily it was fragrant-topped with finely chopped spring onion/red chillies.
Chilled Fruits Cocktail with Sago Pearls-Soy was of the right density and not too overly sweet..
Sweet pastries-shaped like fruits with sweet bean paste fillings-a delight for those with sweet tooth.

Location: The Royal Ballroom,
Palace of the Golden Horses,
Jalan Kuda Emas, Mines Resort City,
Seri Kembangan, Selangor.


Palace of the Golden Horses said...

Hope you had an amazing time!

Z said...

Congrats to the newlyweds. A great occasion to enjoy fine dining.

foodbin said...

Palace of the Golden Horse-it was great !
Z-good music, too-a two songs piano/organ recital by Tay Chean Yi and his brothers.

Z said...

Many thanks for all the 'dishes'..
Your dishes always leave me drooling...but soon my family and I will get to enjoy them with YOU and mum. Cheers, buddy!!!!

foodbin said...

Z-thanks for the greetings-will be at hand to entertain you all.

Richard C. Lambert said...

Everything was so amazing. Thank you Beth and Cathy for your hard work. We feel very lucky to have you design and create so many beautiful things for us.
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