Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kissaten@Jaya One.

Mike's birthday dinner @Kissaten@Jaya One- a small fusion Japanese cafe-like with an outdoor dining area for smokers and is home to a myriad of great food & beverages!

A clean and fuss free restaurant with simple tables and chairs setting.

The food were good and reasonable priced.

Easily accessible by lift via Wendy's for older folks who wants to avoid climbing the stairs. 

Salted Pork Belly-served cold and thinly sliced with a dash of pepper-tender and fatty to the bite-Rm8.90

Stuffed Gyoza Chicken wings-generously stuffed-crispy dough skin and moist inside-Rm8.90.

Salt grilled chicken wings-well grilled-exceptionally small sized-smoky and salty-Rm9.90.
Cold Sesame Ramen-sliced fresh cucumber, chicken bits, egg and topped with paper thin seaweed in a cold miso broth-Rm18.90

Teppan mushroom Burger steak-well marinated tender and juicy pork patty served on the side with baked potato- corn on the cob, blanched broccoli and carrot-wholesome dish-Rm18.90.

Tonkotsu Ramen-filled with beansprout, soft boiled egg, sliced pork, chopped spring onion...etc-in a clear salty broth-Rm16.90.

Teriyaki chicken Tomago Pizza-a real fusion pizza-crusty dough topped with flavorful teriyaki chicken bits, green and black seaweed, mayonnaise and a runny egg yolk in the center-the star of the night -Rm23.90. 

Total bill:RM175/
Location: L-12A, Palm Square, Jaya One.
72A, Jalan Universiti,
Petaling Jaya.

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