Thursday, July 12, 2012

Paradise Dynasty@Paradigm Shopping Mall.

A late dinner with Ying, a close relative from out of town.

Paradise Dynasty@ Paradigm Shopping Mall was the place to eat as she is a big fan of xiao loong pao (steamed pork dumplings ) and La Mian.

Tables setting are four to a table on either side with a wide aisle.

A statue of a pure and serene Buddha with a lighted halo is placed beside the main wall of the restaurant.

Warm caressing lighting. 

A quick glance of the menu-wrote orders on a piece of order chit-passed to server-in less than 10 minutes came the first dish and the rest were served in an orderly manner (good timing in between dishes).

 Will go back to try their stir fry dishes.

Chefs at work.

A pure and serene Buddha statue in the restaurant.

Table setting with some pickled ginger and black vinegar.
Japanese cucumber in garlic oil-cool and crunchy with every bite-a good appetizer- Rm8.80.
Shanghai pork dumplings-would be better with more broth in it-average good-Rm16.80.
Pan fried pork dumplings-meaty with a smooth skin and a nice slightly charred bottom -Rm7.80.
Shanghai pork bun-Michelle loves these soft and fluffy pork buns topped with toasted sesame- Rm9.00
La Mian fried with black fungus, preserved vegetable and minced pork-not too oily or salty-nicely flavored-Rm15.00..
Wok fried rice with shrimp and preserved vegetable-fluffy rice-not too oily with four decent sized shrimps--Rm16.00.

La Mian in Szechwan style-half  braised egg and some chopped spring onion in a clear and tasty broth-Rm15.00.
Chilled assorted eggs-salted, century and ordinary egg topped with a layer of egg white-different aromas and flavors played on the tongue with each bite-Rm12.80.

Total bill:Rm120/
Location:Lot 1F-15, Level 1,
1, Jalan SS7/26A, Kelana Jaya,
Petaling Jaya.