Friday, July 20, 2012

Ribs King.

Monday dinner with family at Ribs King located along the main road of Taman Paramount.

A clean and fuss free air-cond restaurant with free Wi-fi, too !

As it's name implied it is a porky place to savor pork ribs right up the loin eye muscle.

Done in many styles like Marmite pork ribs, buttered pork ribs, black pepper..........etc

Their set dish are worth the money and comes with a bowl of the soup of the day.

We went for the ala carte menu, in order to try out their stir fried dishes which turn out to be OK except for the salty and bitter Nam Yee (fermented red bean curd) fried chicken and the low grade rice.
 Parking is OK after 6 pm.

Supreme pork chop-well marinated-chunky and meaty with a light brown sauce-Rm12/

Fried sambal prawn with long bean and onion-spicy and crunchy long bean-Rm12/

Sweet and sour prawn-three large sea prawns in a light tomato/vinegar sauce with onion and cucumber-Rm12/

Nam yee fried chicken wing-over fried rendering it to be bitter and salty-Rm12/

Steam bun pork burger-deep fried loin eye muscle meat-well marinated served with tomato and cucumber-good-Rm6/

Total bill:Rm58/
Location:25, Jalan 20/7,
Taman Paramount,
Petaling Jaya. 


choi yen said...

pass by this when I went for "yut guong hor" a couple doors away :)

foodbin said...

choi yen-give it a try.