Monday, August 6, 2012

East Ocean Seafood Restaurant@Kampar.

My mother in law birthday dinner is a yearly affair.

Among the many older folks that I knew, most of them do not celebrate their birthday ! 

I just do not understand why ? Isn't a joyous and happy occasion !

This is the second time, the dinner is held at East Ocean Seafood Restaurant@Kampar, Perak.

Located near to the Tesco Hypermarket.

I t was a 5 course dinner set with sweet dessert and ended with  a bakery bought strawberry vanilla cake.

Parking is ample.

Inside this big prosperous bun are 10 small buns with a sweet green Pandan custard flavored filling.
Longevity noodle-well braised with strips of mushroom, lean pork-whole stalk of Chinese chives on the side in a dark/light soy sauce.
Steamed free range chicken in a thick gravy-looks like corn fed with yellow skin, fragrant and well muscled meat.
Steamed Loong Tan (giant Grouper) fish meat in a superior soy sauce and peanut oil-not much flesh -more of odd and end of the fish.
Dong Poh meat-well braised with traces of cinnamon and 5 spices powder-caramelized with honey-wobbly and bouncy with a melt in the mouth sensation.
Deep fried Sea Prawns then tossed in a tantalizing flavoring-very fresh and succulent-served with a abundance of spring onion and coriander leaves.
Mil pose with the strawberry vanilla birthday cake with her grand children.

Location:Location: 33A, 35, 36, Jalan Perdana,
Taman Kampar Perdana, Kampar,
Tel: 05-465-8890/8879.

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