Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Umma Son Korean Restaurant.

I don't really eat Korean food too often.

I am no expert on it but if it's good and appeal to my taste buds I will be a convert.

My children loves Korean food and they have good taste too!

As for me, the urge to try Korean food was after watching "Barefoot Friends"
where these group of Korean artistes get to eat authentic home cooked Korean food
at their host's home.

Umma Son is just the right place for authentic home cooked styled Korean food.

Not much decor and if you are early, not crowded (can be too quiet).

The side dishes of banchan are the  usual stuff, the kimchi and julienne potato salad standout....etc

The pork ribs (half rack) soup is thick and full of flavor with potato, oyster mushroom, spring onion and chillies-tender and meaty.

Another claypot dish comes with springy noodle, rice, beans, tofu, ham, sausage, oyster mushroom, golden needle mushroom and spring onion in a sweet, sour, spicy soup.

The chicken gizzards fried with onion, garlic, black sesame, red and green chillies is crunchy and a good workout for the jaw.

The well fried golden brown savory seafood (squid, shrimp and scallion) pancake is exceptionally good

Parking is bearable.


Stir fried chicken gizzards.

Pork ribs soup.

Seafood Pancake.


 Location:No. 6-1, Jalan 23/70 A, 
Desa Sri Hartamas, 
Kuala Lumpur,
Tel:03-2300 2010


Min said...

this makes me wanna go and eat again!

Choi Yen said...

I love Korean food & I can have it everyday :)