Saturday, September 16, 2017

Economy Fried Noodle.

The small. clean and airy food court in Section 17/1A
is a great place to have a no fuss breakfast.

A small range of staple food for all races - cheap and still
affordable, a cup of warm water is only 20 cents.

Nasi lemak, char koay teow,  kueh mueh mixed rice, vegetarian
food, noodle, sweet desserts..etc is available,too.

Ah Keng of Stall No:8 sells different types of fried vegetarian
noodle each day with sides like fried egg or mock roast goose
with a nice vinegar chillies sauce for dip.

Besides that she also sells Aroma Nyonya Kueh - at least 10 or more
varieties to choose.
Today is fried vegetarian rice vermicelli with mock roast goose and
a dollop of spicy vinegar chillies.

Location: Section 17/1A Foodcourt.
Petaling Jaya.


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