Monday, September 25, 2017

Kedai Makanan Laut Yong Tat @ Teluk Gong.

Kedai Makanan Laut Yong Tat is a hidden stand alone restaurant 
located among factories.

It's the choice place to dine for local Klang people 
and the food is good.. a hidden gem.

We have not come here for quite sometimes, really missed their 
fried rice vermicelli with lala.

This is almost a late lunch and it took us about 40 minutes to reach. 

Top of the list:

Lala fried rice vermicelli with choy sam and pork lard- good.
Stir fried  oyster mushroom -smooth and earthy.
Steamed medium sized local mud crab - sweet,firm and succulent meat.
Steamed Loong Tan slices with blended ginger, red and green chillies padi 
- disappointed with the textures of the meat. 
Steamed Mantis prawns with julienne ginger, red and green chillies 
padi - springy and sweet tasting meat.
Deep fried pork rolls -dry, meaty and overcooked.

We finished off the meal with a plate of sweet, juicy Yan Kee pineapple.


Location: Lot 9185, Kampung Telok Gong,
 Pandamaran, 42000 Pelabuhan Klang, 
Tel: 03-3134-1167

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Z said...

I miss seafood back home.