Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Gerai Meng Kee Steam Soup is first and foremost famous for it's soup-about 30 varieties of vegetables and herbal soup. After going through the menu, i noticed that there was even a pig's brain soup..yakkk...The boss Ricky (retired) once claimed that all his soup are MSG free and you won't feel thirsty for hours after consuming it. The food served here, are simple, home cooked style food just like Mum's cooking! Prices are affordable and service was quick and prompt. Parking is ample and open from 5.30 p.m. till late night.

Lotus root soup with pork and peanut -with red dates added for sweetness-the soup was clear and the lotus root was powdery in texture-rm4.50/

Steamed 3 types of egg yolks (chicken, duck and century egg) Custard-with minced meat- was savory with melt in the mouth, sensation!-rm4.00/

Braised Chicken with potatoes-the tender meat fully absorbed the flavor of the light soy and oyster sauce -potatoes was nicely browned and caramelized- rm5/

Steamed Bean curd with fish paste-garnished with deep fried shallots-the chalky white bean curd was silky smooth and fish paste was firm-rm5/

Assam Senangin fish- was deep fried then smothered up with Assam gravy and garnished with red tomatoes, green cucumber and bright yellow pineapple - sourish with tamarind juice, galangkal and turmeric flavor-rm26/.

Total bill:rm47/
Location:Stall no:9, Jalan 20/16,(Beside the Post Office)
Paramount Garden. Petaling Jaya


worldwindows said...

The soup is enough of an attraction for me to drop by. Amazing variety and no MSG, what a boon.

Tan.wiratchada said...

I interesting Braised Chicken with potatoes, it's look like chicken curry heheh...Steamed Bean curd also hummm...yum..;)