Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Genetically Modified Fish?

The "Si Tau Wan" is now one of the most popular fresh water fish available to anglers in pay fishing ponds.

It has a Big head fish' s head and a slender of body of the grass carp fish with a bluish/black color.

I wonder if it's genetically modified?

We had a first taste of this fish when an angler friend gave one to us.

It weighs about 2 kg and was alive and kicking !

Came lunchtime, we went to our regular restaurant to get it cleaned and cooked. 

Si Tau Wan Fish-cross between Big Head Fish and Grass Carp Fish.

Steamed with blended ginger-the body flesh was fresh, thick and smooth with lots of  fine fork-like bones- the fish's cheek and  the back of it's eye's balls were filled with collagen like flesh- no fishy after taste- Rm13 to get it cooked. 


Stephanie said...

I don't know foodbin. But the fish don't look ordinary to me.

Steamed fish with ginger? Oh wow must be really delicious ;-D yum!

Sin Tai Lim said...

wow would like to try this fish. Thanks for sharing this info.