Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ginger wine Chicken/ Rice Vermicelli Soup.

After a heavy bout of eating and entertainment, last week.
My stomach went into overdrive-bloated with an uneasiness feeling.

Today lunch mission was to get rid of the "stomach's wind" hence I ordered a bowl of ginger wine chicken (drumstick) with rice vermicelli.
The cook recommended me to add pig's kidney but I declined-am afraid of urine smell if not clean properly.

Ginger wine chicken is more of a confinement dish.
I still remembered those delicious and heaty food cooked by the lady who took care of my wife and our baby during her confinement-whenever there are any leftover, I would finished it off.

Ginger wine chicken with rice vermicelli soup-filled with a chopped chicken drumstick, julienned ginger fried with  an egg-served with sprigs of coriander leaves-the ginger wine was a bit diluted but not too choking-chicken meat was fresh and tender-was effective to break the "wind"-Rm5.50/ 

Location: a stall in Restoran Happy O,
Pandan Perdana, Cheras.


Stephanie said...

This looks really delicious. I love ginger wine chicken!

Hope you are feeling better now ;-)

Bangsar-bAbE said...

Looks like it's full of kick! My mum would usually give me Hock Chew red wine chicken soup with a lot of old ginger. ;)

smallkucing said...

RM5-50 is cheap!

foodbin said...

Stephanie-thanks, I am OK.
Bangsar-babE-I'd prefer the Hock Chew style.