Sunday, November 27, 2011

Delicious Dinner 48.

A series of homecooked dinner by my wife.

Pork patties-pan fried - filled with minced pork, onion and mashed potato-every bite is a delight..

Deep fried Chinese Crullers (stall bought)-stuffed with springy homemade fish paste seated on a bed of fresh lettuce - dip in Lingham's garlic/chillies sauce for more flavor...
Acar-acar (Malacca style) is a classic Peranakan relish and homemade ones are out of this world !-in a hot, spicy, rich gravy - filled with Chinese round cabbage, long bean, florets of cauliflower, cucumber, red and green chillies, crushed toasted peanut and sesame seeds - crunchy with a riot of  flavors and textures. 

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