Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Restoran Beng Huat @ Port Klang.

Sunday lunch date with my family at Restoran Beng Huat located in Port Klang town.

It is a close knit family restaurant with minimal decor-a normal plastic tables and chairs place.

Mostly patronized by locals and open for lunch only.

Portable stands with boiling kettles are strategically placed for self serviced replenishment of hot water (tea leaves are limited to a few brands only).

Their main menu are sea fishes, shrimps and stir fried vegetables to go with white rice or plain noodles.

They get their supply of fishes and shrimps from Pulau Ketam daily ( freshness guaranteed !)

Parking is OK.

Spicy cubed Ikan Pari (Stingray fish)-with lots of  Bombay's dried chillies, curry leaves, big onion and curry powder to give it a strong and spicy flavor-goes well with white rice or the fried plain Beehoon below.
Bitter gourd  with egg, shrimps and strips of red chillies- the thinly sliced bitter gourd were not bitter at all- tasted like home cooked.
Chillies baby Shrimps (very fresh)-seems the locals love these type of  baby shrimps-with lots of curry leaves, onion and some curry powder-spicy with an intense flavor.
Park chop ( supplied by a vendor)-a well flavored piece of loin eye muscle-meaty-a good snack with beer.
Fried plain Beehoon-the only type of noodle available -done Hokkien style with light and dark soy sauce-full of Chinese round cabbage, shrimp and canned salty peanuts-goes well with the stingray fish.

Total bill:Rm59/
Location:151, Jalan Tengku Badar,
Pelabuhan Klang. Selangor.

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