Sunday, November 6, 2011

Chyniis @ SSTwo Mall.

About nine months ago, when Chyniis first opened for business, I remember vividly that Monday's night, my family and I were only one of their odd diners.

Tonight, when we returned for a family get together dinner (at only 6.30 pm), the restaurant was packed. 

What a great transformation !

and why not ?

With capable staffs (ex-Restaurant Green View) as the backbone of the restaurant and signature dishes like Sang Har Mee and Crabs-it was bound to be a success !

Chyniis @ SSTwo Mall is contemporary with conceptualized design, fully utilized seating space and is quite up-market in prices.

Service is attentive and efficient.

Parking is free.

Deep fried Anchovies with sesame seed-good appetizer-Rm6/
Pickled sliced Papaya and Ginger topped with sour plum-Rm4/ 
Deep fried Pork ribs with yam-well marinated and meaty-Rm48/
Tofu (Bean curd) with Tau kan (soft bean curd sheets) served on the side with blanched Bok Choy and drizzled with a smooth brown gravy-Rm30/
Tea smoked chicken (1/2) served on the side with fresh lettuce-aromatic, smokey flavor with tender, juicy meat-Rm60/
Buttered sea prawn-fresh and juicy- would be better if it was one size bigger-Rm 60/
Braised earthy Shiitake Mushroom with fish maw and sea cucumber-the low grade sea cucumber was not worth  the money-RM100.
Stir fried Hong Kong Kai Lan with garlic tender and crunchy-Rm25/.
Complimentary: Fish scale Lemon jelly
Passion fruit jelly.

G 45, 46 & 47, SSTwo Mall
No 40, Jalan SS2/72
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel : +603 7956 7288


Bangsar-bAbE said...

I find the food rather expensive, no?

foodbin said...

Bangsar-babE- a bit pricey.

dropsofcontentment said...

those pork ribs look really good although slightly on the pricey side. Didn't know the staff come from Green View..does that include the chefs? hehe


boo_licious said...

Been at the back of my mind to try this place. Thanks for the review that put it up the list again.

foodbin said...

dropsofcontentment-yes, the chef came over, too.

foodbin said...

boo_licious-you're welcome.

Tan.wiratchada said...

I love this set, be appetizing..I very much like Deep fried Anchovies, Tea smoked chicken and Buttered prawn.:D

foodbin said...

Tan.wiratchada-we ordered ala carte and it was a great dinner.