Sunday, October 14, 2012

Beggar Chicken@ Ban Heong Seng,Johor.

Beggar Chicken-the cooking is quite tedious- the herbs marinated chicken are wrapped in two layers of cake paper, a layer of thick brown grease proof paper, tied together, covered with red earth clay and left to cooked in a grounded charcoal fired kiln for hours.

Nowadays, restaurant that served Beggar Chicken are quite rare - it shall be a death to a  culinary delight if the art is not passed on to the younger generation ! 

Was in Johor for a holiday-found out on JOHOR KAKI's blog "here" there is one right in the heart of Johor Bahru.

What a great find !

Even my relatives did not know of it's existence.

Ban Heong Seng is family owned and located in an old bungalow house with about six tables at it's front porch.

A day reservation is needed.

Located just before Danga Bay-just after a row of hawkers stalls- turn left at a small junction-the  right one leads to the side entrance of the Istana- take the left turn and go uphill- the first house. 

My bil KAM ordered Beggar chicken with other side dishes and the dinner turned out to be good as it's was the first time for him and his family while we have tried it in Selangor.

Thanks to my bil Kam.

Beggar chicken-full of , juicy, essence and nutritious herbal gravy-tender with aromatic taste and meat that detach easily  from the bone..

Beggar pork ribs with potatoes and carrot-meaty and chunky ribs-up a notch !.

Beggar pig's stomach and pig's tail with assorted Chinese herbs, wolfberries and mushroom-like the pig's tail which was a good combination .

Beggar.Tengirrri fish-debone with the skin in tact- stuffed with fish paste made from the scrapped fish flesh-deep fried served with sliced cucumber and fresh coriander leaves.

Fried Tang Hoon (glass noodle) with chopped Chinese long cabbage, celery, dried shrimps, shrimps and lean pork-well fried with some wetness.

Oyster rice wrapped in Banana leaf-glutinous and a bit sticky-fragrant with each bite.

Banyam(spinach) in a superior soup topped with deep fried shallot-leafy and tender..

Double boiled winter melon soup with snow fungus, red dates , wolf berries and chicken bits-a nutritious, invigorating clear and "ching"  soup.

Total bill:Rm230/
Location:34-B, Jalan Skudai,
Batu 31/4 off Jalan Tahar,
Johor Bahru.

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