Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Restotan Old Places@Johor.

Restoran Old Places, origins must be from Perak because they have branches in Ipoh, Bercham and Taman Ramai.

Here in Johor Baru, they are doing brisk business at Nusa Bestari, Skudai- a semi-new housing estate.

Their main signature dish are claypot chicken, braised chicken claws, claypot loh see fun (short fat rice noodle)......etc

As we were famished after a day out at Legoland, my bil Kam ordered two claypot of chicken, two plates of braised chicken claws, one big claypot of loh see fun and stir fried lettuce to go with the meal.

The Claypot Loh See Fun is worth a try as it is good-cooked much like the thick and  eggy Ulu Yam's Lor Mee.

All the dishes were polished off clean within a few minutes, that shows that it was a warm, nutritious and delicious meal.

Parking is OK.

Claypot Chicken rice-served piping hot and aromatic-with chicken thigh meat, lap cheong (Chinese sausage) and  a bit of  salted fish-the cooked rice are a bit wet but it became drier when left in the pot- well marinated chicken meat- the thinly sliced sausage and salted fish added extra flavor to it - overall a great and affordable meal-Rm13/

Braised chicken claws are a bit small in size compared with KL ones-might be claws from spring chickens-gelatinous and well braised but a bit salty-highly recommended -Rm6/

Location:22-24, Jalan Bestari 3/2,
Nusa Bestari, Skudai, Johor Baru.


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