Friday, December 4, 2009


One loaf of 7 grains sprouted life bread which is make from sprouted wheat, soya beans, millet, rye, lentil, corn and oat.
5 leaves of fresh Lettuce, cleaned.
2 red tomato, sliced.

5 pieces of Turkey ham.
5 whisked eggs-pan fried to make 5 pieces of thin, round omelette.

Toast the bread if you want-spread both side with butter,
Lay a piece of Turkey ham, follow by a piece of the pan fried thin, round egg omelette,
Top it with fresh lettuce and sliced red tomato,
Either sprinkle salt/pepper or add chillies/ tomato sauce to taste.

The bread is low in sugar and oil, fibre packed and rich in minerals, vitamins and complex carbohydrates-was a bit rough in texture- the turkey ham, egg, lettuce and tomato lend extra flavors and textures to it-a simple, delightful and healthy meal.

The bread cost Rm6.60 and is made by:
Adventist Bakery,
Penang Adventist Hospital,
465, Jalan Burma,


SimpleGirl said...

my fav bread when I was in Penang. I love to steam it, when it's eaten hot is so nice. Now can order from a shop in Ipoh, but of course not the super fresh one, it's frozen. Anyway, it can be kept for few weeks if frozen.

worldwindows said...

I like the bread and the health stuff in Adventist. Too bad I visit bakery only when visiting hospital. Even the have bread for diabetic. 7 lives!

CK Lam said...

This bakery do make fabulous bread and healthier ones too.

Anonymous said...

Up to a year ago,this bread was available at TMC in Bangsar. Have not checked recently though..

foodbin said...

SGirl-that's right.
wwindows-it's a healthy bread.
CKLam-another fan of this bread.
doctor2008- i bought it at Savemart in SS2.

Unknown said...

i prefer their 3 seeds bread. can be found at Village Grocer, Bangsar Village and a certain Cold Storage plus some organic shops