Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Petaling Jaya Old town in Section One, is not a place where we would want to go in search of good dinner food with the exception of Heng Kee Bak Kut Teh, a no name Clay pot chicken rice stall or a porridge stall opposite of Mutiara complex.

Pitaya Street located opposite the 3 storey wet/dry market is a new restaurant along this dark and narrow main road.

It's a house renovated into a restaurant with a Pitaya (dragon fruit) and Banana stall by the side of it, with huge posters advertising about the Pitaya fruit as it's main theme on the walls.

I think the restaurateur owns a Pitaya farm, somewhere?

The place is bright and clean with free WiFi.

Our orders were taken by a pretty Mandarin speaking waitress (quite a hassle if you cannot understand the language)

Park along the road.

Uniformly sized fresh Pitaya fruits for sale.

Clean, bright and refreshing dining area.

Golden Spare Pork rib with Dragon fruit enzyme/mayonnaise sauce-well marinated but was not meaty-the sauce was passable-Rm14/

Ma Po Tofu-mashed white bean curd cooked in a spicy gravy with minced pork-best with rice-Rm7/

Sambal Petai prawns-not enough of oomph-the prawns were way too small- Rm12/

Steamed Soong Yee (big head Carp) Head -garnished with deep fried dried chillies and cilantro with tasty sauce-the fish was very fresh-best of the meal- Rm25/

Stir fried assorted vegetables like lotus root, celery, black fungus, sweet pea and chillies-a lovely play of textures with very bite-Rm9/.

We opted for the Kedondong juice with sour plum instead of the "bloody" Pitaya juice-Rm3.50/

Total bill:Rm80/
30, Jalan Othman 2/40,
Old Town, Petaling Jaya,


Selba said...

I didn't know before that dragon fruit is also called Pitaya, pretty name :)

CUMI & CIKI said...

oh! DRAGON fruit is pitaya fruit! cool..

mimid3vils said...

i like kendondong juice!!

Alice said...

The pork ribs with dragon fruit enzyme/mayonnaise looks interesting! The vegies look great too!

foodbin said...

Selba/C&CIKI-so, now both of you know.lol.
mimid3vils-good for digestion.
Alice-a good mix of healthy greens.