Thursday, January 14, 2010


Auntie Hannah is my sil and is not as old as her name implies.

She is a "busy as a bee" homemaker with two gregarious and hyperactive boys to care for and that is why she does not cook very often.

She is a bit "ang moh", carefree and easy going, likes to FBooking and dislikes eating vegetables and her forte are western dishes which she learned from her aunt while studying in U.K.

We only get to sample her signature dishes on Christmas eve every year and we always look forward to it.

This year dinner dishes was a repeat of the previous year but with a lot of improvement in term of taste and flavors.

Roast Turkey stuffed with rice, green peas and bacon-served on the side with baked onion and carrot.

Salmon gravalax-was moist and peppery.

Baked potatoes with condiments like deep fried ham, chives, butter and shredded cheese.

Honey ham-was way too fat.

Stir fried Brussels sprout with fresh and juicy shrimps with the sliced carrot, green and yellow zucchini adding a riot of colors to the dish.

Roast Lamb-meaty and gamy.

Minestrone soup-with a mixture of root vegetables was delicious and tummy warming.

Ended the dinner with a few glasses of red wine and a piece of luscious banana chocolate.


uLi.佑莉 said...

Wow...I don't know how to cook all these le...geng Auntie Hannah :)

Stephanie said...

Auntie Hannah doesn't really cook on normal days ?! That's amazing. Her signature is super delicious... by looking at your photos I can tell already! You are so fortunate to have a friend like Auntie Hannah. I also do not know how to cook these food. I like her combination as well. Vege, meat, ham... all so apt for a Christmas dinner.

foodbin said...

uLi-buy some recipe books.
Stephanie-after all the years of practice-it's all in the head-just need some tweaking comes cooking time.

EatTravelEat said...

Wow, so much food! Your Auntie sure knows how to cook! Great presentations too.

Did you switch cameras? The pictures look different than your older posts.

Alice said...

Mmmm...looks so fantastic and delicious!

Health Freak Mommy said...

The food is making my tummy rumble, yums!

foodbin said...

ETEat-some of the photos are taken by my son with his Sony 200 (SAL50F18 lens).
Alice-it was a great night.
Health Freak Mommy-sorry about that!

backStreetGluttons said...

looking good and engrish, must taste like the incredible rose

foodbin said...

bsGluttons-adjusted for local tastebuds.