Friday, March 19, 2010

Restoran Tea Garden.

Before we leave Johor for home, we had our morning breakfast at Restoran Tea Garden located in Taman Sutera Utama in Skudai.

It is a cafeteria (like those Kopi tiam chains) that served a vast varieties of local and Western foods with a reasonable pricing.

Parking is OK.

Front of the shop.

Pastry area.

Western breakfast-ham, sausage, fried egg, bean and a deep fried mantou instead of a bun-Rm5.

Nasi Lemak-an all times local favorite-served with a deep fried tender and juicy chicken drumstick, fried egg, spicy chillies Sambal, roasted peanuts, anchovies, cucumber and fragrant coconut milk flavored white rice-Rm5/.

Mee Siam-their signature dish-fried egg, shredded chicken bits of deep fried tofu with a dollop of chillies Sambal-Rm3/.

Yam (Taro) cake-topped with deep fried shallots-would have prefer it with more chunk of yam-Rm2.50.

Chai Kueh- stir fried turnip wrapped in a slightly oily, sticky, thin layer of translucent dough skin-sweet tasting and crunchy-Rm2.50.

Lek Tau Suan-split green Mung bean boiled in a sweet sugar syrup, Pandan leaves and then thickened with sweet potato flour to the right density-served with crispy You Char Kway (Chinese crullers)-Rm2.50.

Breakfast set-toasted round oatmeal crusted bread filled with butter/kaya-Rm1.70, half boiled eggs-Rm0.80/egg and a cup of Milo-Rm1.80.

Location:53,55, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/2,
Taman Sutera Utama,
Skudai, Johor.


CK Lam said...

Its great to see the Lek Tau Suan. This dessert is hard to get in Penang and I only had it in Chok Dee Thai restaurant.

foodbin said...

CK Lam-it was very authentic and great with the You tiao.