Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Restoran Tonny.

The search for more wild frogs for dinner continues at Restoran Tonny and we were in luck !

The abundance of wild frogs this CNY was because of the hot and humid weather and partly because the Orang Asli has no durians to pick.

Restoran Tonny is located in a double storey shophouse along the Bidor-Tapah road just about one km before the Tapah Police station.

Parking is ample.

Chef Tonny with a net full of fresh wild frogs for us-only to cook upon order.

Steamed wild frogs with finely chopped ginger/spring onion/soy sauce and Chinese wine-fresh, sweet and tender.

Steamed Trapia fish (Farmed Tilapia fish)-with soy sauce/sesame oil and garnished with ginger and cilantro-fresh, meaty with high Omega-3 ?

Braised water Terrapin with sliced ginger/spring onion-meat was firm and i love those gelatinous parts-have curative properties.

Homemade Tofu, Chillies and Brinjal stuffed with springy fishpaste-tossed in a fabulous Tau cheong (preserved Soybean paste) gravy.

Stir fried Padi field Eel (koong poh style) with lots of sliced big onion/ dried red chillies/spring onion-the sliced eel meat was springy and tender.

Paku choy (wild fern) with Sambal Chillies-i like these vegetables because it's pesticides free.

Some glasses of good old Chinese tea to wash down all the oil.

Total bill:Rm125/
Location:from Bidor-Tapah -double storey shophouse
right hand side-1 km before Tapah Police Station.
Tapah, Perak.


SimpleGirl said...

nice frog steamed...the pieces seem to be firm n fresh!must b a nice meal U guys had!

Little Inbox said...

wild frog again? Succulent.

babe_kl said...

next time when u eat frogs, invite me along :p cos capt'n hook doesnt eat them :(

uLi.佑莉 said...

Steamed frog looks yummy :P

thule a.k.a leo said...

when did you go there??? I was in Tapah on Monday evening! But I already had dinner in Teluk Intan therefore, didn't have any more space for food in Tapah

EatTravelEat said...

Wow, fresh live frogs cooked to order! I haven't seen that in restaurants I've been to. The combo of the ingredients for it sounds spectacular. The tilapia fish also looks quite beautiful. I am liking the results coming out from the camera- very nice!

foodbin said...

SGirl-can't eat enough of it.
babe_kl-the wild frogs are quite seasonal.
thule a.k.a leo-this dinner was on the 2nd of CNY.
ETEat-when everything is fresh =delicious and tasty- all photos taken by my son, Mike.

mimid3vils said...

wild frog~~ I like the " drumstick" (leg) part.

Wendy said...

these dishes look terrific! I'm glad to have found you through Stephanie's blog!

foodbin said...

mimid3vils-that's the best part!
wendy-welcome and thanks for dropping by.