Monday, March 1, 2010

Restoran Hao Yi Lou

The CNY festival continued with a three tables dinner at Restoran Hao Yi Lou, Tapah, Perak.

My brother in law, Kam was the paying host for this dinner gathering among our relatives.

Restoran Hao Yi Lao is located just 2 km left from the Tapah toll plaza exit and is one of the best and newest restaurant in Tapah.

It is owned and run by a young, friendly and formidable couple- Chef Leong and his wife Sim.

As it was the first day of the CNY, the restaurant was packed to the rim
and business was brisk.

Parking is a breeze.

Me, talking to Chef Leong (hands on hip ) about tonight's dinner dishes.

Waiting at our table.

The hand written menu in Chinese.

Started with the usual Loh Sang-a Salmon Yee Sang-wish for a better business year.

Sang Cheong-stir fried with ginger/spring onion/soy sauce combination-very crunchy and good exercise for the jaws.

Steamed wild frogs with chopped ginger/spring onion/Chinese wine/ sesame oil was everyone's favorite-the flesh was smooth and sweet tasting-plenty of it because of the dry weather.

Clams with Curry powder-spicy, fresh and meaty.

Koong Poh Padi field's Eel-stir fried with onion/dried red chillies/spring onion and a dash of Chinese wine-the coarsely sliced eel meat was springy and meaty.

Tung Poh pork belly- well marinated and braised until the meat absorbed all the spices flavors-garnished with cilantro-the gravy was perfect with rice.

Steamed river prawns with egg whites and Chinese wine-garnished with finely sliced ginger and cilantro-fresh, juicy and succulent-the star of the night!

Buttered Tilapia-the meat was filleted and cut into bite sizes before it was wok buttered fried with egg and curry leaves-very crispy-a good snack with beer.

Ended the meal with a quick stir fried Kangkong (Water Convolvulus)) with Sambal chillies -a local favorite.

Total bill: Rm700/
Location: 1 & 2, Persiaran Tapah Indah 1/3,
Taman Tapah Indah 3,
Tapah, Perak.


Little Inbox said...

I love the way the cook the wild frogs. It must be yummy!

CUMI & CIKI said...

wow, looking at the care and amount of preparation that went into the starting materials (all those bowls and plates) you can see why the meal was so terrific!

@SweetMink said...

didi, kangkung is water convolvulus

Stephanie said...

Yummy yummy! I am they are super delicious!!

I have an award for your wife. You can check out my latest post to find out about the award. Have a great day! Btw, tell your wife about it ok. She deserves a big hug and kiss (from you!) for cooking those super yummy home cook food daily ;-)

foodbin said...

LInbox-very yummy indeed!
C&CIKI-cater for all occasions.

vialentino said...

jeng ler the prawn ler...looks fresh and delicious ler...sure the meat taste very sweet one ler...

i wonder when me and my wife can open a restaurant or cafe.

Big Boys Oven said...

Food looks good but at RM700 sounds a bit high, just my thoughts!

foodbin said...

vialentino-all dreams shall come true for you.
BBOvens-for three tables.

Pete said...

Wow, lots of my favourite dishes there. Will check out this place if I am in Tapah!

Wendy said...

niiiice! I really like the sound of the curry clams.

btw, I love your header photo. I remember eating delicious family dinners centered around that hotpot thingy. It was always so fun.