Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yong Fu Kua Tong.

Fu Kua a.k.a Bittergourd (momordica caranthia) is a vegetable that put off  a lot of young teenagers because of it's bitter after taste.
But it's nutritional values outweighed all the negative perception.

It's very versatile when it's well cooked and the lists is endless-fried bittergourd with roast pork, bittergourd soup, bittergourd mun fun, fried bittergourd, braised bittergourd with chicken, steamed pork ribs with bittergourd......etc

And my personal favorite is Yong Fu Kua Tong (fishpaste/minced pork/salted fish stuffed bittergourd in a fish bone soup stock).

The stuffed ingredients are springy, meaty and fragrant because of the salted fish and the soup is sweet with a real "kam-ness" taste-topped it up with chopped spring onion and coriander leaves-heavenly !

 Eat the stuffed bittergourd with Lingham's garlic/chillies sauce-best!


Small Kucing said...

yes, definitely like this .

Alice said...

One of my favourite fruits/vegetables!

babe_kl said...

oh yummy and Lingham chilli sauce is the best sauce in the world!

Duckie said...

oh i've never tried this!!

foodbin said...

Thanks for all your comments.