Sunday, April 3, 2011

Curry Chicken.

Most Malaysians love chicken curries, no matter whether it is cooked in any styles i.e. Malay, Indian, Portuguese, Nyonya...etc.

My wife usually cooked a milder version with evaporated milk (to replace the coconut milk-for health reason) which does not feel "heavy" after the meal.
Normal ingredients are pre-made curry powder (SS 2 market), chili powder, candle nuts, onion, garlic....
Potatoes are a must-cut into wedges and deep fried.
One whole "Bukit Mertajam" chicken-cut into bite pieces.

Best to eat it with roti jala (wheat flour net crepe), roti canai (Indian flat bread), fried rice vermicelli, steamed white rice, bread and my favorite sliced baguette bread.

Aromatic, spicy and  red hot chicken curry cooked with potatoes and belacan (shrimp paste)-(this is the secret ingredient that make the curry fragrant! ).
Sliced Baguette bread to go with the chicken curry-delicious !



Small Kucing said...

me me of the ones that loves curry

choi yen said...

wow, must get some baguette to mop all the curry gravy when my mom cook that!

Alice said...


Sin Tai Lim said...

even my ang mo friend from England loves it.

foodbin said...

everyone's fav.