Friday, April 29, 2011

Penang Curry Mee.

This Penang curry mee stall is one of the many hawker's styled food stalls located inside Restoran Okay in SS2, Petaling Jaya.

My favorite Char Koay Teow's auntie, came out of retirement is also here, plus the famous wantan mee stall and Fatty's Teo Cheow braised duck stall which opens only in the evening.

All the hype about this curry mee aka 7-11 is overrated.

Business was brisk and the duo was very busy with takeaways and serving customers (some waited for more than 30 minutes).

One of the best roast pork in P .Jaya

Luckily we bought Rm5/ worth of roast pork from the Sea Park market to eat in between waiting and as expected the curry mee serving was too small.

Parking is OK. 

Penang curry mee-served with rice vermicelli, cockles, cuttlefish, bean curd puff, shrimp, coagulated pig's blood,  beansprout,coconut milk and a dollop of sweet/hot sambal-tasted unique and fragrant but the curry broth was a bit diluted unlike our city's version with scums of chillies oil - I think young children will like it, too ! - Rm4.50/

Location: 2, Jalan SS 2/10,
Petaling Jaya,


Sin Tai Lim said...

My favourite curry mee too. Go there early before they start tilting their pot of curry soup.

foodbin said...

Sin Tai Lim-that's right!