Monday, April 11, 2011

Sukico Hainan Cafe.

While the next door Dim Sum restaurant was doing roaring business, Sukico Hainan Cafe was quiet in comparison but never mind they have their own loyal customers like us.

The place is simple with marble top tables and old style kopi-tiam chairs (some rickety) 

Like any Hainanese restaurant there will be their signature dishes like noodle set, breakfast set and Western food set.

The lady owner was very friendly and gave us a complimentary plate of toast roti tau (both ends of the bread-usually not served to customers) with butter and kaya which was exceptionally crisp.

Service was a bit slow and overall the food was ok.

Parking is OK during the weekends.

Waiter advice- two half boiled eggs take 5 minutes to cook.
For me it was overcooked-I like it with a runny yolk.
Signature bun with kaya and butter set-Rm6.80/.
The complimentary roti tau with butter/kaya-love it !
English beakfast set-sausage with fried egg and on the side with baked beans, coleslaw, sliced cucummber/tomato and French fries-average-Rm11/.
Hainan mee-with finely shred cucumber, carrot, spring onion, lettuce, sliced Japanese crab stick, shrimp and chicken meat-a squeeze of  the limau kasturi (calamansi) juice for a zesty flavor - a very typical Hainanese dish-Rn6.80/
Chicken Golden Bleu-chicken breast rolled with a piece of  ham/Cheddar cheese and deep fried until golden brown with a crispy skin served with blanched broccoli/carrot and served on the side with French fries/coleslaw/slice cucumber/tomato and a diluted brown sauce- a fulfilling meal-Rm14.80/

Total bill:Rm59.20
Location:59, Jalan SS21/60,
Damansara Utama,

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