Thursday, April 7, 2011

Muhibbah Seafood 2.

After my earlier post on Muhibbah Seafood, boo-licious of recommended that I should try their pucuk paku Thai salad and deep fried squid.

Last Sunday, we went there for lunch again-was early and we got to park in the restaurant compound.

Besides our favorite beef noodle with ginger/spring onion we ordered pucuk paku Thai salad, chicken roll and deep fried squid.

The hot afternoon heat was a bit discomfort even with all the ceiling fans at full blast.

The satisfying meal of pucuk paku Thai Salad, deep fried squid and the average chicken roll more than made up for it.

Chicken roll-over fried- but filled with minced chicken meat and turnip-the diluted chillies sauce was a big no no (Lingham's chillies sauce would be better) - average-Rm10.50/.

Deep fried squid-Lightly and coarsely batter - golden brown-chewy with crunchy tentacles and a light, infectious fish sauce/bird's eye chillies/calamansi juice dip to go with it-excellent snack food-Rm11/.

Pucuk Paku Thai Salad-fresh with lot of crunch-tossed with finely chopped lemongrass, fresh shallots, red Bird's eye chillies, fish sauce and Calamansi juice-out of this world !-Rm10/

Location : Lot 2851, Jalan Seri Penchala,
Kg Sg Penchala,
Kuala Lumpur.


Sin Tai Lim said...

Thanks I will venture into this corner soon.

foodbin said...

Sin Tai Lim-go at dinner time.