Monday, April 18, 2011

Honey cured Ham Burger.

At an average price of Rm2/piece these homemade honey cured ham burgers are so affordable and a real knock-out!

Buns cost Rm2.99/ for 12 pieces bought from Cold Storage @ Jaya One.
Honey cured Ham at Rm17.70/ for 350 gm.
Zucchini/red tomato/fresh lettuce-Rm4/.
Scrambled eggs-Rm0.60/

Had it for breakfast this morning with a hot cup of Milo "O"- a great meal to start the day.

 Spread butter on both sides of each sliced bun and oven toast it-stacked with fresh lettuce, scrambled egg, honey cured ham, sliced tomato, zucchini and Lingham's chillies sauce-refreshing with every bite and not too meaty-healthy and delicious !

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