Tuesday, July 15, 2008


these photos were taken last sunday afternoon. We were caught in
the traffic jam for nearly an hour at the ARCH near the EPF building
As we have not been to Serdang for quite awhile,we decided to have
lunch in this shop which is at the same row of shops as the east meets west
restaurant. it is located at the first right hand turn of the ASTRO/
Serdang traffic lights junction.
address:33 jln sr8/4 Tmn Putra Indah,Serdang Raya

claypot loh see fun rm11/

garlic fried la la rm12/

sliced snakehead meat fried cantonese stlye noodle. rm15/

stir-fried sweet potatoes leaves rm 8/

overall the food was delicious and good tasting
price wise: reasonable, ample parking spaces.

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