Thursday, July 24, 2008


the durian's season are here again.this year the durian's crops
are bountiful and cheap. i don't know whether it is a coincidence
whenever the durians are in season the mangosteens follows suit.
durians are heaty and aromatic to us but pungent to other nationalities.
to balance off the heatiness we need the "coolness" of the mangosteens.
personally i prefer the kampung durians, no pesticides!
last sunday my wife and i drove to TAPAH in search of durians,
we arrived there and met up with her sister and had breakfast at
restaurant tong yoon, a coffeeshop cum hotel. it is a old and nostalgic
place with marbletop tables and wooden chairs. we had western
breakfast,nasi lemak and three hot bill rm13.50.
then we head straight to kampung lubok katak, a village of chinese/
malay people.the air was fresh and cool because of the canopies
of trees.we were in luck as there were plenty of freshly collected
durians,mangosteens and petai.we bought about 30 durians
rm50/, 8 bunches of mangosteens rm25/ and petai rm30/
on the way out we dug up a young wild bamboo shoots by the roadside.
we enjoyed bargaining and tasting the various fruits.
some photos taken there.

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kkwong said...

pls bungkus back in future
so we can enjoy together