Sunday, July 20, 2008


this no frills restaurant is situated in TAPAH
town. if you coming from BIDOR it is on the right side of TAPAH town bridge. the site was a former petrol station and it can be quite hot during the day but the cheap and good food more than compensate for it! it signature dishes

are wild frogs,snakehead fish,river prawns,eels and panfried lemongrass chicken.we did not get
to get the frogs and eels because of the durians and petai season,the orang asli have money selling those so they do not want to go and catch the frogs. anyway the succulent prawns
was fresh and sweet, the catfish was tender and
look at the photo, the flesh seems to break out
this a typical sign of freshness, we finish the

meal with egg omelette and choysam. we will
go back again.
ah meng the cook and owner

choysam with soya sauce rm8/

steamed river prawns rm21/

onion egg omelette rm5/

steamed river patin rm21/

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