Wednesday, May 6, 2009


This Mamak (Indian Muslim) Mee Goreng (Fried Noodle) and Mee Rebus (Cooked Noodle) stall is the main tenant of the Seng Lee Cafe, located in Bangkok Lane, Penang, a stone throwaway from the Pulau Tikus wet market.
The exterior have been repainted with two tone colors which matches the surrounding grand Prewar shops and houses.

The steep stairs access to the high level shop is a bit difficult for old people but the good food was well worth the climb!

The shop is small with limited seats, Be warn-go early.

Service was excellent, the servers and cooks are bi-lingual too.

All the ingredients are fresh and looks inviting.

The cook at "wok"-twirling and frying the Mee Goreng.

Mee Rebus-(Cooked Yellow Noodle)-filled with hard boiled Egg, Prawns fritter, braised Cuttlefish, Tau kua (cubed deep fried Bean curd) chopped Lettuce and bathed in a thick Red Chillies /Tomatoes gravy-was generous in portion-a bit spicy-highly addictive but I am quite skeptical about the red colored gravy-Rm4/

Mee Goreng-(Fried Yellow Noodle) their signature dish-fried with Potatoes, fried Egg, Tau kua (cubed deep fried beancurd) and well braised Chillies dried Cuttlefish, Sweet Potatoes/Tomatoes sauce and garnished with chopped Lettuce-squeeze some Lemon juice for a tangy flavor-came piping hot-fragrant, delicious and yummy!- Rm4/

Butter Toast Bread-served with a bamboo-pick-easy eating for my two young nephews.

Wan Ton Soup(10 pieces)-ordered from a mobile stall outside the shop-the Wan Ton was smooth and filled with tasty minced pork and prawn-Rm3/-for extra White Radish add Rm1/.

Location: Seng Lee Cafe,
Bangkok Lane,
Jalan Burma,


SimpleGirl said...

this is the best mee goreng in Penang ya!

worldwindows said...

Shinning stainless steel and mamak noodles. Doesn't seems to connect? But the food looks good to me!

Little Inbox said...

I blog about this too previously. To be honest, I don't quite like the mee rebus not mee goreng. It's just average.

Selba said...

I'm craving for the wan ton soup right now! :)

EatTravelEat said...

I like that they showed all the fresh ingredients used to you so that you know you are getting a good product. The buttered bread looks so good :). All cut up nicely and toasted, and no crust.

Duckie said...

you're in penang?! not too good already la .. i find that there are other nicer mee goreng

Tan.wiratchada said...

Your photos make me mouse watering. Very interesting by Mee Rebus. Often try Mee Gorang ton soup always favorite..I'm looking for interesting restaurant in KL/Bukit Bintang, Bangsar, Changket etc. Any suggestion?? ;)

foodbin said...

Sgirl/Wwindows/ETEat-it was good.
LInbox/Duckie-own preference.
Selba-come over!
Tan-Overseas Restaurant in Imbi Road for Chinese cuisine/Jalan Alor for hawkers food/Alexis Bistro in Bangsar Baru.

Tan.wiratchada said...

Thanks foodbin, let's try.;)

Hong CN said...

Will hunt this one day :-)

email2me said...

In Penang, we give them a nickname. Wheel of Fortune mee goreng XD

foodbin said...

HongCN-worthwhile to do it.
Email2me-i think the name fits them well, with the twirling and turning of the wok.