Tuesday, May 19, 2009


From our hotel at Gurney Drive to Teluk Bahang, the drive on the narrow and meandering uphill and downhill road was spellbinding with some 180 degree corners.

In the 60's Teluk Bahang was a favorite haunt for hippies and backpackers to hang out, lazing in the sun, cheap food and lodging, music and getting high. It was their heaven and they did not name it "the end of the world" for nothing.

Anyway, after the hotel's Row, it's was scenic all the way with some stretches of beach to be seen.
On reaching, The End of the World Restaurant, turned right and at the first junction turned left is the location of the Fishing Village Restaurant Sdn Bhd.

A beach dotted with small boats was about 20m from the restaurant. It was nice to have a walk around with the sea breeze blowing in your face before the dinner proper!

Parking around the restaurant is Rm2/car.

The no frills and minimalists open restaurant with only ceiling fans for comfort and later on in the night, mosquitoes for company-open from 3pm-11pm.

Cheese baked half shell oyster-was of medium size-fresh, creamy and cheesy.

Steamed Sea Prawn- generously sized prawns with superior stock-fresh, juicy and succulent.

Steamed Red Snapper-Teochew style-when it's fresh nothing beat it by steaming-fresh and sweet with a tangy flavor.

Vietnamese fried Chicken-marinated with too much Curry powder and deep fried- Satay like sauce for dip-the meat was too dry and hard.

Salt baked Crab-baked with all the innards intact-fragrant, fresh, some saltiness and meat was fine in texture.

Blanched Kai Lan topped with Oyster sauce-only green for the night.

Location map.

(Thanks to Mr & Mrs Sunny Ooi)
Total bill:Rm260/
Location: 765, MK 2, Telok Bahang,



backStreetGluttons said...

This kind of real seafood by the real sea cannot go wrong ! Our kind of no 1 runaway destination ( tho it was years ago ) !

SimpleGirl said...

the cheese baked oysters look so good...remind me of the one i've tried in gold coast....

Selba said...

oysters being baked? with cheese? Wohooo... I'm sold!!!

EatTravelEat said...

The cheese baked oyster look delicious! Such a nice topping

I agree though that the Vietnamese fried Chicken is dry. The meat by itself already looks dry in your photo.

sakaigirl said...

Yeah, the cheese baked oyster have my score!

Duckie said...

wow prawns and crab looks yummy!!!

foodbin said...

BSG-nice to know that you like this place, too.
SG/Selba/ETE/Sakaigirl-it is their signature dish.
Duckie-it sure was!

Big Boys Oven said...

wow the meal looks awesome!