Friday, May 22, 2009


Kedai Kopi New Cathay is a corner coffee shop located along Burmah road off Pulau Tikus, Penang. It is a famous eatery with many stalls that offers nearly all of Penang hawker's delicacies. There are a few shady trees besides the shop that provide shade for those who like to sit outside.
As it was a Sunday, the place was packed to the rim and we waited for about ten minutes for a table.
The prices of food range from Rm3/-Rm4/.

The main entrance.

Hokkien mee-needs no introduction-with Rice Vermicelli, Water Spinach, Beansprout, strips of lean Pork, prawns, half a hard boiled Egg and some deep fried Shallots plus extra Chillies on the spoon-the broth was well prawn flavored-one of best that I have tasted in Penang.

Inside the shop-my two nephew engrossed with their Gameboy while waiting for the food to be serve.

Char Kueh Kak-fried Radish cake with fat crunchy Beansprout and Chinese Chives-drier than the one I had at McAlister road with a smokey flavor and a bitter aftertaste (some pieces were burnt).

Laksa with Rice Vermecelli served with Long Bean, Prawn, Tau Pok, coagulated cubed Pig's Blood, Cockles-a bit diluted- was not "lemak" but surprisingly spicy with the extra Sambal Chillies paste.

Pan Mee-my "Ang Moh" sil Hannah does not want any Green-just Mushroom, minced Pork and crackling Ikan Bilis (deep fried Anchovies)-she said that the mee was smooth and the taste was OK.

Char Koay Teow-with some cockles and prawns-was quite plain but tasty!

Loh Mee-it was different from KL-served with Prawn, strips of lean Pork, sliced Fish cake and complemented by a topping of Coriander leaves, deep fried Shallots and clear tasty broth-a very refreshing and flavorful meal.

Wanted to taste the famous Apong but the queue was too long, so we ordered Banana, Raisin Pancake to round off our meal-the crust was crispy and the inside was soft and filled with sweet Raisin and sliced Banana-sweet and fruity flavor.


Selba said...

The food looks so good! The kind of food that I would love to eat in the weekend :)

EatTravelEat said...

Very interesting food- some items I have never eaten before. That is sad that the Char Kueh Kak was served to you burnt. Did they assist you in any way due to the burnt things or they didn't care about it? At least they didn't try to hide the burnt stuff.

foodbin said...

Selba-the right type of food to kick start any weekend.
ETEat-i am happy you like the food featured-as for the CKKat-I will not patronize the stall again!

550ml jar of faith said...

I love New Cathay, really can't go wrong with any of the stalls here. Never tried the Hokkien Mee here though, and missed it over my weekend back in Pg! Oh I'd caution against the Chark Koay Kak and the Wantan mee though, both of them are really mediocre. Char Hor Fun here rocks!

wong king king said...

Mummy otak in Penang is very delicious is on top in Malaysia