Thursday, July 2, 2009


My son Mike was admitted to the Assunta Hospital in Petaling Jaya for a minor surgery, so we have to eat out for two days.
The nearest place to eat was either at the State new town center or PJ old town.

Gerai Seong Kee No:35 in Medan Selera, Petaling Jaya, Old Town was a good and cheap choice as the Yong Liew (stuffed Greens or Beancurd with Fishpaste) are fresh and make only upon order.

Today we ordered a Claypot Assam Stingray fish and some Yong Liew to eat with white rice and after that we walked over to Stall No:46 for a glass of ABC each to finish off the meal.

This is a drinks and beverages stall located at the center of the Foodcourt.

This small and compact family run stall serves a varieties of delicious food-a hit with office and factories workers.

Assam Fish-we selected sliced Stingray fish with Lady fingers (Okra), Brinjal (Aubergine) and lots of Chinese round Cabbage-thick and infectious tangy Tamarind flavored gravy-it got taste, color and texture-really whet up our appetite!-RM23/.

Yong Liew-fried crackling Siu Kow (dumpling), Fishpaste stuffed crispy Beancurd sheet and tasty delicate flavored Brinjal-Rm1/piece.

Yong tow foo (fishpaste stuffed silky smooth white Beancurd) and a hot red chili in a bowl of clear and tasty soup.

Sweet bean paste and chillies sauce-A good dip for the Yong Liew.

We went over to Stall 46 (a drinks stall), for our fix of ABC.

The ABC was served in a tall glass cup with a layer of green Pandan flavored noodle, red Beans, Cincau (black glass jelly), Palm sugar, fresh Coconut milk and finely shaved ice-it was cool and refreshing -a good thirst quencher after the meal.

Location:35, Taman Selera, (beside the wet and dry market)
Jalan Othman, Petaling Jaya,
Close on Tuesday.


Little Inbox said...

Get well soon to your son Mike!

SimpleGirl said...

yes, hope u son will b well soon! btw, ur wife can take a break ya! haha

CUMI & CIKI said...

yup2. this is our fav too. the families always bad mood and fighting one lar.. :P

foodbin said...

LInbox-thanks,he'll be ok.
SGirl-yes, that's true.
CUMI &amp:CIKI-yes,especially the two sisters.

email2me said...

The stingray curry looks good. Very typical chinese style of cooking curry with white cabbage.

foodbin said...

email2me-it was delicious!

worldwindows said...

One of my favourite food court in Old Town PJ. I like the YTF and the Hokkien Mee.

Anonymous said...

get hope ur son get well soon!! can i have the map to the market please? i wanna try out the hakka food there