Sunday, July 19, 2009


The 45 minutes drive to Restoran Kang Guan near Pulau Carey via the Kesas Highway was pretty monotonous.
After the left turn at the Banting/Klang interchange, the country road was scenic but uneven and bumpy with lots of bridge and road humps.

On our left were vegetables and Dragon fruit farms while the left side were kampung houses dotted with warong.

Property development are slowly creeping into this sleepy side of Klang like Bayuemas.

Restoran Kang Guan have been in the seafood restaurant business for about 51 years !
This established restaurant is situated on the left, just before the Pulau Carey bridge.
It is built on stilts made from mangrove wood and planks-spacious with open sides, red cloth covered tables, plastic chairs and ceiling fans for comfort.

We have a good view of lush green mangrove trees and the swift flowing river meandering out to the sea.

Plastic reservation stand with names of big corporations hung near a counter means daily regular dining clients.
A sour faced waitress took our order-a real put off- luckily the food tasted great and was fairly priced!
The entrance to the restaurant.
View of Mangrove trees opposite from where we were seated.

The river meandering out to sea.

The bridge to Pulau Carey on our left.

Those guys on the boat were fishing.

Dining area.

Chillies sauce, chopped Garlic and Bird eyes chillies and a commercial face towel.

Yam basket- was thick, dense and crispy with lots of Yam aroma unlike others with the accompaniments of vivid colors stir fried green and red Capsicum, Carrot, Mushroom and sliced Chicken-and topped with deep fried rice Vermicelli-tasty-Rm15/

Fried rice Vermicelli with Lala (Clam)-fried Hokkien style with dark Soy sauce, small sized Lala, Choy Sam and Chinese round Cabbage-mediocre-Rm12/

Fried Or Chien (Oyster Omelette)-was crisp and fragrant with lots of Oyster and Coriander leaves-cholesterol laden-Rm10/

Fried Tang Hoon-also Hokkien Style-with dark Soy sauce, fresh Prawn, deep fried dried Shrimp, Squid-not too wet-old times favorite-yummy!-Rm12/

Steamed Promfret with rice Vermicelli-served with two Promfret fish which was fresh with no fishy smell, chopped pickled Chinese Mustard, white Beancurd, sprigs of Coriander to garnish and superior broth-a refreshing and heavenly dish!-RM-32/

Salted Duck eggs Crab (1 1/2kg)-super fresh, sweet, meaty with savory, salted Duck's egg flavors-we enjoyed licking up all the fragmented fragrant salted egg from the shell and claws-RM51/.

Fresh Coconut-the flesh was tender-nice to cool off after the hearty meal-RM4/.

Total bill:RM150/
Location:3, Batu 1 1/2, Jalan Bandar Lama,
(Tepi Jambatan Pulau Carey),
Telok Panglima Garang,
Kuala Langat, Selangor.


Selba said...

Interesting that some of the plates look like banana leaf. Oh... and the coconut still got the flesh on the top?

backStreetGluttons said...

we have not been back since dunno when but thinks this place is average in everything, but with a great river ambience which they are not really able to capitalise, since they have a far away from everywhere disadvantage

Tan.wiratchada said...

I love the green views. Look so amazing with Yam Basket sound delicious...I like fried noodle with dark soy sauce my parents often cooked for me when I was very young.:)

foodbin said...

Selba-this type of sweet tasting coconut are popular over here.
BSGluttons-yes, it's true.
TanWiratchada-a scenic place to enjoy a good meal.

SimpleGirl said...

superb! everything look good....esp the salted egg crab....can see is so yummy!

550ml jar of faith said...

Yam basket!!!! YUMMM!! It's been way too long!

foodbin said...

SGirl-it's was good!
550ml jar of faith-it was yammy!

worldwindows said...

This is a good one. Nice to make a trip during weekends! Pomfret looks so good.

Bangsar-bAbE said...

Your meal at Kang Guan looks better than mine. If I were to go back, I'm definitely getting the fried vermicelli!


I want to come fish meals taste restoranta have muthis...

good days.

foodbin said...

WWindows-getaway only on Sunday.
BBabe-you should.
OTarfleri-nice to know you like it.

Julian Si said...

Nice write up and history of KANG GUAN :-)

foodbin said...

Julian Si-hi! welcome.