Friday, October 9, 2009


We stopped at Bidor, Perak for our breakfast on our way to Penang.

Pun Chun Biscuits and Restaurant Sdn Bhd need no introduction for it's chicken biscuits and Duck Thigh Noodle.
Besides that there are many varieties of packaged snacks and pastries.

Be there early to savor the herbal Duck Thigh noodle or you will be serve other parts of the Duck!

My personal favorite are their steamed Fish balls, Wu Kok, Prawn wanton and Dry Soy sauce tossed Mee with herbal Duck Thigh soup.

Packed with early morning crowds-and it's only 7 am.

Wu Kok (Yam pastry)-crispy skin, creamy and yammy inside with tasty fillings of fragrant chopped Char Siew (BBQPork).

Steamed Fish ball with specks of chillies-firm with some springiness-Rm2.80/.

Wan ton mee tossed with dark and light Soy sauce, oyster sauce and Lard oil and served with blanched green Choy Sam.

Prawns wan ton-smooth and of bite sizes with fresh succulent prawns.

Herbal Duck Thigh noodle-duck meat and soup was flavorful with herbs like kei chee, yuk chut and Wolfberries-Rm6.60/.

Location:38-40, Jalan Besar,
Bidor, Perak.


Selba said...

Definitely the steamed fish balls is also my favorite :)

ai wei said...

the WU KOK! miss the golden brown fragrant wu kok. that's one of the best-s

worldwindows said...

Miss the Wu Kok the last time. Actually this place is more famous for their duck noodles than anything else.

SimpleGirl said...

heard this place wan ton mee is best right?

foodbin said...

Selba-very springy, too.
ai wei-esp when it's hot.
SGirl-the Char Siew is so-so only.