Friday, October 30, 2009


I came across these wild fruits which resembled peaches while trekking with some friends along the roadside of Kampung Lubuk Katak in Tapah, Perak

The tree is about 20 ft tall with lots of fruits.

It was planted along with others local edible fruits trees on the front lawn of an abandoned kampung house which were also filled with lots of fruits.


Misai Kuching (Cat's whiskers)-a type of herb-good for diabetics.


A bunch of Banana.

Wild Vine fruit.

Close up of the unripe wild fruit which we managed to pick with an aid of a broken tree branch.

Close up of the ripe wild fruit-doesn't it looks like peaches.

It was smooth, sweet and sticky with some seeds.

Wonder if anybody know the name for it?


Hannah Ng said...

Ah Pek, aren't these pisang kaki aka persimmons ?

foodbin said...

Hannah Ng-thanks. i am not too sure.

smallkucing said...

look like persimon

SoftBunny said...
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SoftBunny said...

they are persimmons...tell tale sign is the cluster of leaves on top..

foodbin said...

smallkucing/softBunny-thanks must be a local variety of persimmons