Tuesday, October 6, 2009


At one time, Restoran King Crab was on our must eat list......then the long queue for tables started, lack of parking spaces and the standard of their food quality deteriorated.

Tonight after a number of months, we went back there for dinner and alas! the hungry crowds are no longer there-most of staff are newbies and there were only a few odd tables of diners.

We ordered the usual fare and surprisingly there were some marked improvement.

Parking is OK after 7 pm.

Crispy Chicken- the chicken was deboned and it's meat spread with a thick layer of fish paste before it is deep fry-very crispy skin but the fish paste was way too firm-the garlicky chillies sauce was a good dip-Rm30/

Stir fried Brinjal with well marinated minced Pork, finely chopped red Chillies, Lard and salted fish-a bit salty but very aromatic-perfect with rice-Rm18/

Polo Pork ribs-lightly batter meaty Pork ribs-deep fried and tossed with sliced Pineapple and red Chillies-hint of Lemon sauce-Rm20/

Tofu-braised with Fish paste, Beancurd sheets, gluten puffs and thick stem Chicken Mustard-a well balanced dish to suit everyone tastebuds-Rm18/

Butter Crabs (1kg +) cooked in a Clay pot which retained all of it's aroma- the thick creamy butter flavored crabs gravy was a good dip for the steamed Mantou (Rm3/)-crab meat was fresh and meaty-Rm43/.

Total bill:Rm180/
Location: 103-104 , Jln SS25/2.
Taman Mewah Jaya,
Petaling Jaya,


Selba said...

I'm drooling over the crabs!

Sin Tai Lim said...

i guesss the crab is main attraction and lucky the quality of it is maintained...

SimpleGirl said...

what a nice place for dining....i am always in for crab!!!

~Christine~Leng said...

I have been wanting to check this place out for quite some time :)
I love butter crabs!

foodbin said...

Selba-it's their signature dish.
STLim-change of chef.
SGirl/~C~Leng-check it out.

Little Inbox said...

The crab is big. Seems like you eat crabs quite frequent, haha...

foodbin said...

LInbox-my children loves to eat it.

EatTravelEat said...

Wow! Everything looks exceedingly delicious! If I went to your country to travel I would definitely visit here :). The tofu, crabs, and brinjal look exceptional. I wish restaurants in my area could serve these dishes.

worldwindows said...

That was brave to go back. I saw the hype and was afraid. May be good to visit soon. Crabs is reasonable at that price.

foodbin said...

ETEat-you have taste.
WWindows-give it a try.