Sunday, July 11, 2010

Euro Deli Shop.

The months of July/August are full of birthdays in the family.

First on the list is my son Mike's birthday which falls a day after America Independence Day- a very easy day to remember !

We celebrated the auspicious day with a porky German-Swiss dinner at Euro Deli Shop located in Damansara Kim, Petaling Jaya.

The restaurant served authentic mouth watering European food and is cozy with a quiet ambiance and warm dim lighting (should turn it a knob higher)-bad for food photography!

Overall the food were good especially the Iberico ham with bread
(a bit salty to my taste) .

Parking is OK.

Comfortable chairs and tables arranged in either 2/4/6 seats in a straight formation in the restaurant.

Mixed Salad Plate-filled with fresh Iceberg lettuce, red/green capsicum, sliced cucumber and pickled olive-with Thousand Island sauce on the side-RM15.90/

French Fries-golden brown and crispy-mum's favorite-Rm9.50/

Complimentary warm and soft multi grains crusted buns with packed butter.

Emmenthaler Sausage-two long lightly crisped, crunchy, distinctive flavored cheese sausage, sourish sauerkraut(fermented thinly sliced cabbage), boiled potato wedges with sour cream, a thin sliced of boiled egg and a dollop of not too overwhelming mustard-Rm22.90/

Iberico Ham Plate-cured ham with smooth texture and a rich savory taste served with white French bread and pickled cucumber-Rm38.90/

English Plate-a foot long salty sausage, fried egg, bacon, French fries and fragrant brown onion sauce-Rm 33.90

Pork Medallion-three chunks of well marinated pork fillet wrapped in bacon, spaghetti with olive oil and blanched broccoli and lovely brown mushroom sauce-sinfully satisfying-Rm32.90/

Butcher's Plate-two chunky sized roast belly/baked pork (too much of fats!!!), a piece of pork sausage, sliced potatoes, red vegetable and sourish sauerkraut (like kiam chai)-Rm32.90/

Iberico Pork Chop-well marinated, chunky great tasting earthy mushroom sauce-served on the side with blanched broccoli and a dollop of mashed potato-Rm54.90/

Hoegaarden White 1 Pint-tasted malty and light with a golden hue- Rm28.00/

Total bill:Rm342/
Location: 41,Jalan SS20/11,
Damansara Kim,
Petaling Jaya,


SimpleGirl said...

lovely meal...nice camera?

J2Kfm said...

You know, I find that Iberico pork in Malaysia is a little overpriced.
In Hong Kong, you can get a slab of Iberico for less than RM50.

thule a.k.a leo said...

Parking in D'sara Kim is always not that hard I guess! Jenn & I love coming here to satisfy our pork cravings! but haven't come here ever since they expanded the business to 2 adjoining shops

Stephanie said...

I wanted to go this restaurant for a long long time already. Thanks for reminding. I can see they really serve nice stuffs. That's great.

email2me said...

Hmmm .... you miss out the pork knuckle? That is one of the best seller here ...

Anonymous said...


foodbin said...

SGirl-son's camera.
J2Kfm-is it?
thule a.k.a leo-more spacious.
Stephanie-a lot of porky stuffs !
email2me-we wanted to try something else besides pork knuckle.

babe_kl said...

August is round the corner, it’s time for the next instalment of the virtual Merdeka Open House. I’m looking for suggestions for this year’s theme, hope you could contribute some but do remember to participate and join in the fun!

Duckie said...

food looks good. but a bit pricey leh

foodbin said...

babe_kl-will try to.

thenomadGourmand said...

We just went yesterday - do u knw they got a 2.5kg burger challenge?

just to share w u; mayb u knw a friend who can finish this! ;p

foodbin said...

thenomadGourmand-yes, read about the contest-2.5kg burger-quite hard to swallow !