Monday, July 19, 2010

Ong Lai (Goh Kee) Restaurant.

Ong Lai (Goh Kee) Restaurant is a famous established night eatery in the dirty, notorious back lane off Jalan Raja Laut, in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city.

My mother likes to eat here because they served most of her delicious old school's food (young guys don't like to eat here unless they are brought there by their parents).

They have a basement dining area, partly air conditioned, alfresco dining and even the kitchen is on the roadside.

The chairs for sitting are much shorter than normal ones-a bit awkward!

Do not be alarm if you see rats scurrying around !

Parking is bad!

Steamed Soong Yee Thau (Bighead Carp-fresh water fish) in superior clear broth filled with Chinese long cabbage, strips of roast pork, lard, mushroom, sour plum, preserved Chinese Mustard and garnished with ginger, red chillies and cilantro-smooth, sweet with lots of thin long fork bones.

Fried Glass noodle (made from mung bean flour)- fine, opaque with a lot of elasticity-fried with shrimp, squid, oyster, strips of pork, lard, Chinese long cabbage, soy sauce and garnished with sprigs of tantalizing Parsley.

Oyster Omelette with a generously amount of odd sizes creamy, briny oyster and coriander leaves-a bit oily but yummy !

Fried Pei Ker (rice flour cake noodle) in lusciously laced Soy sauce-Hokkien style with dried shrimp, strips of pork, lard, Chinese long cabbage and pungent Kow Choy Fah (Chinese Chives).

Kow Choy Far (Chinese Chives) stir fried with pig's innards like crunchy uterus, kidney, liver and lots of lard-delicious.

Total bill:Rm114/
Location:60A, Jalan Raja Laut,
(Behind Bee Seng Hotel),
Kuala Lumpur,


el-f said...

I confess I have a terrible weakness for fried oyster omelette. What's your verdict on the dish at Ong Lai restaurant? Doesn't look appetizing. Btw, need your email address so I can contact you directly about food stuff. A name would be good too. Can't refer to you as 'Foodbin' all the time. Thanks.

FOODnTRAVELla said...

Their Oyster omelette and cantonese hor fun is a must if you visit the restaurant.

Stephanie said...

That fried omelette looks super delicious!

Anonymous said...

faith will move mountains. ..................................................

thule a.k.a leo said...

taste-wise the oyster omelette was fabulous here but for best of both world.. I still prefer a small stall located in a foodcourt somewhere in Puchong. The blog will be up very soon!
But then I love the steamed fish here.. agree that parking is a nightmare and let's not forget to mention the availability of tables on weekends!

reanaclaire said...

the glass noodles dish is something special.. and the 2nd last dish too.. i would love to try these!! yummy!

Sin Tai Lim said...

I think this place is over rated and pricing is getting steeper.

foodbin said...

el-f-the oyster omelette was good but i prefer it to be cook with some sweet potato flour. overall the food was delicious but
thule a.k.a leo-Thanks for sharing-will wait for your
oyster post.
renaclaire-all these are their signature dishes.
Sin Tai Lim-a bit pricey.

CUMI & CIKI said...

i love cheong !! crunch crunch crunch! LOL

foodbin said...

C&CIKI-my mum's fave.