Sunday, July 18, 2010


With the price of coarse sugar spiraling to Rm1.90/kg, why not use Stevia as a sweetener or sugar substitute ?

Stevia aka sweet leaf or sugar leaf is a type of green leafy plant that belongs to the Asteraceae family.

It's extracts is 300 times the sweetness of sugar and is attractive as a natural sweetener to diabetics and to those on a carbohydrate controlled diet.

Just add a leaf or two to your hot drinks or add it fresh to your salad.

I bought it from Cameron Highlands for Rm12/ and is now widely available at our local Pasar Tani.


Stephanie said...

Hey foodbin, nice change of post ;-)
What a wonderful plant! It is interesting to know that this herb can taste so sweet :-D Yeah very good for diabetics. Thanks for introducing.

thule a.k.a leo said...

good idea! Now I only have to go up Cameron Highlands... and maybe pasar tani if I'm not free!

smallkucing said...


foodbin said...

Stephanie-it is edible and something to do with food.
thule a.k.a leo/smallkucing-thanks.

CUMI & CIKI said...

my hubby loves this. my MIL uses this as she is diabetic. Do u know you can purchase Stevia palates.. all packed up and easy to use. No need brew leaves. I like that slightly "bitter" (chinese say "kum") taste;)

foodbin said...

C&CIKI-where to buy the Stevia palates?