Friday, September 24, 2010

Yuan Garden Dim Sum House.

Yuan Garden Dim Sum House is another new kid on the block, replacing part of Sri Siam Restaurant.

Located in a corner lot with good road frontage along the busy SS2 area-airy, clean and spacious with  fuss-free furnishing.

We were there on an early Saturday morning "yum char" with the day's newspaper in hand.
Browsing through the latest murder news with a pot of hot Pu'er tea and dainty cups filled with it to wash of the oil and fats !

A guy with a trolley full of warm deep fried pastry came offering his ware while steamed dim sum have to be order on a order form. 

Prices are quite reasonable-ranging from Rm1.80-Rm4.50.

Parking is OK.

Tai Pao (big bun)-fluffy skin and filled with chicken, pork, egg, yam bean,Shiitake mushroom and traces of ginger juice-very authentic-comparable to big restaurant-worth the buck ! 
Prawn roll-wrapped with bean curd sheet and deep fried-came straight off the fryer-oily but sweet and fresh-bean curd sheet a bit salty.
Char siew pao (BBQ pork bun)-soft and fluffy-tasty and meaty!
Siew Mai-steamed prawn/minced pork wrapped in yellow wanton wrapper-small in size but fresh.

Green chillies stuffed with fish paste-generously sized but tasted a bit off.

Chicken rolled with bean curd sheet-the thigh meat was tender and meaty-again the bean curd sheet was salty-one of my favorite.

Location: 58 & 58-1, Jaln SS2/24,
Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 03-7873-5655.


Stephanie said...

Looks like this is really a good place to go for dim sum :-D

Your pictures made me really hungry now!!

Have a great weekend with your family and friends foodbin! Thanks for always showing good food.

smallkucing said...

passby this place before. One of these days will have to drop in and try it out

foodbin said...

Stephanie/smallkucing-nice place to "yum char"

Angela said...

This looks amazing! I wish I lived there so I could try.

foodbin said...

Angela-the variety of food is very diverse and delicious over here.