Monday, November 8, 2010

One-Dish Meal.

What I like about a one-dish meal is that it's a wholesome, well-balanced meal.

Leftovers meat, poultry and fish are potentially good to cook one-dish meal with the combination of other greens.

One-dish meal must ideally be simple and easy to cook.

My personal favorite is Kai Choy Fun (Chinese Mustard Green stem/roast pork rice) cooked by my wife.

The ingredients are:
Cooked White rice.
Chinese Mustard Green Stem-cut diagonally (the more the better)
Roast Pork belly-sliced (buy from market)
Dried shrimp-chopped
Shallot-diced and deep fried.
Salt and pepper for taste.

Heat up pan with cooking oil-add chopped garlic/dried shrimp-fried until fragrant-add Chinese Mustard Green stem and stir fried until half cooked-add roast pork belly-stir fried until all ingredients combine well-add salt and pepper for taste-served on plates with lots of deep fried shallot-a wholesome meal!.       


smallkucing said...

goody. This one i definitely LOVE

foodbin said...

smallkucing-my all time fav.