Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Makanan Laut Loong Sing@ Bukit Tinggi.

Our annual "pilgrimage" of a dinner and overnight stay at the rainy, cool and foggy Genting Highlands Resort, Pahang was rejuvenating !

But then every good things must come to an end.

Came early Sunday afternoon, it was time to leave those money sucking Slot machines, Baccarat, Roulette, Scibo games all behind.

We headed downhill eastward to Makanan Laut Loong Sing in Bukit Tinggi village for our late lunch.

We were lucky because Mindy's favorite wild frogs were available.

Parking is ample.

Steamed Pak Soo Kung (Cat Whisker fish)-750 gm-garnished wit spring onion, coriander leaves, julienned young ginger and drizzled with garlic oil and light soy sauce-very fresh and fleshy with no traces of mud smell-Rm22.50/

Steamed Village Chicken with lots of blended Bentong's old ginger-odd and bits pieces of  muscled chicken meat-quite salty-Rm15/

Steamed River Prawns with egg white-1.8 kg-super fresh, too big in size and the meat were fleshy but coarse (a bit like lobster's meat texture) with heads filled with red roe-Rm126/

Steamed wild frogs with kei chee (wolfberries) and light soy sauce-800gm-sweet, smooth white glistening flesh that easily detached from it's bones-delicious Rm56/

Stir fried fresh mushroom with sweet pea bean, Enoki mushroom, house made fishpaste and deep fried Tofu-a very refreshing dish-RM18/

Total bill: Rm245.
Location: 97, Bukit Tinggi,
Bentong, Pahang.
Tel: 016-960-8270/016-276-6876.


thule a.k.a leo said...

one of the best steamed fish place taht I have ever tried :) good choice

Baby Sumo said...

Wow would love to try the frogs legs and river prawns from this place! Looks darn good.

Bangsar-bAbE said...

The river prawns are damn huge. Would be nice with sang har noodles, right? ;)

SimpleGirl said...

slurp slurp....yes, everything look fresh n good

smallkucing said...

i thought i read wrongly The fish so cheap. SO yummy

foodbin said...

thule a.k.a leo-when it's fresh i always want it to be steam-every dish was steamed to perfection.
Baby Sumo-it was good.
Bangsar-bAbE-would easily cost about Rm200 if cooked with sang har mee in KL/PJ.
SimpleGirl-a wonderful meal!
smallkucing-I was surprised ,too!

Sin Tai Lim said...

it must be a great meal here @ Loong Sing, the price was right and most importantly it's delicious...

foodbin said...

Sin Tai Lim-it was a great lunch except for the oversize prawns.