Sunday, September 18, 2011

Crabs ! Crabs ! Crabs !

Crabs are crustaceans that feed on algae and animal matter and are mostly found in freshwater, ocean, on land or farmed.

Why is it that not everyone like to eat crabs ?

Some maybe due to health reasons, put off with the hassle of getting their hands dirty..........etc.

My whole family are crabs lovers-cooked any style.

Eating crabs is an art-eat it with a slow and tender loving care- skills (harnessed from experience) are needed to pick and dig up each and every piece of the fine and succulent flesh-breaking the fragile shell segment by segment.

Have anyone of you seen people eating crabs with a pair of chopsticks?

Never eat crabs during the 1st and 15th Lunar day of each month.

Now, which types of cooked crabs, turn you ON................... ?

Charcoal fire grilled crabs ?.
Clay pot butter crabs ?.
Black pepper crabs ?.
Salted duck egg yolk crabs ?
Fresh flower crab for steamboat ?
Deep fried soft shell crabs-eaten whole including the shell ?
Steamed Australia snow crab ?
Stuffed crab ?.
Curry leaves flavored crabs ?
Sweet and sour crabs ?
Steamed crabs with orange roe ?
Steamed small sized crabs with egg white
Steamed big sized crabs with egg white ?
TeoChew style chillies crabs with lots of chopped Bird's eye chillies ?



Small Kucing said...

why 1st and 15th not adviseable to eat crabs?

I know a friend eat crabs with chopstick and even poke all the meat out from the shell. I love crabs too

foodbin said...

Small Kucing-1st & 15th-full moon- crabs do not come out to scavenge for food-therefore they are not meaty.
I really admire those people who use chopstick to eat crabs!

Small Kucing said...

ohh I see. no wonder sometimes the crabs I eat not that meaty la

choi yen said...

Give me any crab, I'll eat!

Z said...

Crabs galore! I'd love to try each style. Have to wait until next year though.....

foodbin said...

choi yen-Z-all my fave, too.