Sunday, September 25, 2011

Imperial Rama @ Highlands Hotel.

Our day's trip to the cool 6000m Genting Highlands resort was to escape the city's heat and haze.

We had lunch at Imperial Rama @ Highlands Hotel- a Top 10 restaurant with a HAPA Award 2010-2012 for Best Chinese Cuisine Restaurant.

The resort really knows how to pamper those high roller's appetite for good food from many of it's restaurants.

Ordinary people like you and me can patronize this restaurant for a quiet and sumptuous meal, too.

The restaurant is elegant, comfortable and is not too big - served a mixture of authentic Chinese  and Thai cuisine.

The prices are pretty affordable with attentive service.


Simple table setting with a glass vase of  fresh Orchid-thick napkins, two pairs of chopsticks for each diner (individual and open) and glistening white porcelain ware  .
Butter milk sea prawns with salted egg yolk-seated a bed of subtle flavor julienned leeks/fresh lettuce-lightly batter-fragrant, sweet/salty and succulent-Rm65/
Green curry with chunky chicken meat/mint leaves/ lime leaves/red chillies/local brinjal/ mini green Thai aubergines/ coconut milk-thick, creamy and spicy hot-Rm30/

Home made Bean curd (six pieces) - deep fried, eggy and silky smooth inside-seated on a combination of Enokitaki mushroom/ sugar pea-topped with well marinated minced pork with a smooth and tasty dark broth-Rm28/
Poh Choy (Spinach)- a local vegetable-stir fried with garlic-tender with some crunch-highly nutritional-Rm18/
Almond Pudding with colorful, chewy and succulent nato de coco-mum's fave- I never like the taste of almond-Rm6/

Total bill:Rm167/
Location: beside the VIP lobby of Highlands Hotel, Genting.


Small Kucing said... nice. I wonder how they make the spider web

foodbin said...

Small Kucing-work of art and it's edible, too-the food presentation are quite detailed before they are served.