Sunday, October 9, 2011

Momma Chicken Rice @ Ampang New Village.

There are many chicken rice stalls in the Ampang area and the winner of the best chicken rice in Malaysia is also found in Ampang New Village.

Though Momma chicken rice is not that famous.

To me they are a hidden gem-located at a row of old shop houses at the end line of the Ampang LRT station car park.

The BBQ pork is their main draw-lovely, not overly sweet thick 3 layered pork belly with a melt in the mouth sensation.

They also served roast chicken, roast pork, poached farm chicken and free range chicken by reservation.

Side dishes of blanched beansprout and other vegetables are also available.

Parking is OK.

Roast Chicken seated on a bed of sliced green cucumber and light soy (a bit salty) and garnished with spring onion-tender meat with a crisp skin-Rm10/
BBQ pork belly-melt in the mouth-5 Stars-Rm8/
Blanched Beansprout-refreshing and crunchy-Rm4/
Red Chillies dip-would like it more if it was more spicy.

Total bill:Rm27/
Location: 27, Jalan Pasar,
Ampang, Selangor.

Branch: 34-G, Pusat Perniagaan Danau Lumayan,
Jalan Danau Lumayan 1,
off Jalan Tasik Permaisuri,
Bandar Sri Permaisuri, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel:016-271-2390/012-254-7236 (Mr & Mrs Chang)


Anonymous said...

Sounds good looks good not too far......will give it a try. Thanks bro.

Anonymous said...

Char siew looks perfect...

foodbin said...

Anon 4:52 AM-you're welcome.
Anon 5:37 AM-it is the main draw of the restaurant.

Anonymous said...

Hi,do you know the business hours?

foodbin said...

Anon-they are open for lunch and dinner.

leech said...

just had it..very good char siew
worth going...

foodbin said...

leech-glad you like it-their roast pork has the melt in the mouth sensation, too.

Anonymous said...

I tried the food at the main branch of momma chicken rice in bandar sri permaisuri. The food over there tastes better and there is plenty of parking spaces.

foodbin said...

Anon 7:41- as for me both are equally good-at permaisuri their honey/ginger drink is good,too !