Sunday, October 23, 2011

Senangin Fish Rice Vermicelli @ Restoran Genting Palace.

Last week we were at the Genting Highlands Resort to attend a dinner reception at the GICC in the First World Hotel.

We arrived at the cool, misty summit at about noon and for our lunch we had something light and comforting at the Restoran Genting Palace.

We ordered fried rice, blanched Hong Kong kai lan and a big piping hot casserole of Senangin (Threadfin) fish rice vermicelli.

The casserole of Senangin fish rice vermicelli was more than enough for the five of us and came piping hot with an extra bowl of soup.

A whole Senangin fish (Threadfin)- cut and deep fried- cooked in a casserole filled with thick rice vermicelli, spring onion, white silky smooth tofu, tomato and thinly sliced tender Bentong ginger in a tasty fish soup- 5 Stars-Rm80/ 

 Location: Restoran Genting Palace,
Genting Highlands Resort.

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