Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Porridge @ Section 17.

This is the fourth time Restoran Kim Seng is relocating in Section 17/10, Petaling Jaya.

After renovations. the coffee shop is spanking clean and hygienic.

The main draw here is their mixed rice and fried noodles-catered mainly for university and college students around this residential area.

There are four other stalls (pan mee, pork ball noodle, wan tan mee and  a porridge/double boiled soup)

I like the porridge which comes in various mix and match ingredients.

My usual order is sliced chicken fillet with deep fried crackling pig's intestines.

The porridge is a cross between the Hokkien and Cantonese style which is not too gooey with blooming rice grains and very full fillings.

Parking is OK and free.

Pork and Pig's intestine-Rm5.50/
Mixed Innards-Rm4.50/
Chicken fillet (smooth and tender) and fried Pig's intestines-Rm5.50/

Location:Restoran Kim Seng,
Jalan 17/10, Petaling Jaya.


boo_licious said...

Yum. I must go look for this place. Always love a comforting bowl of porridge.

foodbin said...

boo_licious-they have double boiled soup and poached chicken for lunch, too-and clean and hygienic in their food preparation.